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Курс за Financial Risk Manager (FRM) в България ?

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  • Абре воле, не можа ли само линк да пуснеш...
    Иначе това писмо се мотае наоколо:

    Уважаеми колеги,
    Изпита за финансов риск мениджъри(FRM) ще се проведе през ноември 2009г. Тази година за сформиране на изпитен център от GARP изискват минимум 20 (двадесет) регистрирани кандидата за изпита в даден град.


    Бихме искали да поканим всички колеги, които възнамеряват да се явят на целия изпит или само на първо ниво да се свържат с Гергана Анастасова на тел 02 930 62 85 или е-mail: xxxx... с цел организиране на изпит в София.

    Благодаря Ви за отзивчивостта.

    С уважение
    Георги И. Български
    Инвестиционен консултант
    А кака дечка я признавам за лекторЪ, само ако е по монокини :lol:


    • The following is a list of 2009 FRM training course providers:

      51 FRM.com51 FRM.com

      Financial institutions are doing business on risk. In an increasingly complex and interdependent world of financial markets and products, only those organizations which are able to effectively manage and control their risks will have the ability to succeed.

      51frm.com is a professional service provider licensed by China’s regulatory authority, headquartered in Shanghai. 51frm.com aims to promote the financial and business risk awareness in the current business and economy environment.

      This course overview has been designed as an intensive preparation for 2009 FRM Exam. The course follows strictly along the lines of the 2009 new FRM curriculum from GARP. It covers a wide range of areas, including financial instruments and their valuation; market, credit & operational risk; as well as legal aspects, regulatory requirements and current issues in financial market.

      2009 FRM® Course Program

      51frm.com’s comprehensive FRM ® course program as follows:

      1. FRM exam overview and preparation strategy (1 day)
      2. Foundation Course (14 days)
      3. Intensive Review course (6 days)
      4. Sprinting Review and Mock Exam course (3 days)
      5. Final Review course (1 day)

      The full scoped training course will be started in June, 2008 for intensive 216 learning hours. Course details can be found at http://www.51frm.com.

      Although designed as a preparation for the 2009 FRM Exam, the course is also suited for people interested in extending their knowledge to the wide field of modern risk management techniques.

      Lecturer Team

      The team of 51frm.com is composed of professionals with experience both of inside and outside of the classroom. The team members who earned relevant certificates such as CFA, FRM and CPA have different backgrounds and skills, some are financial practitioners with thorough understanding of financial operations, some are academic researchers specializing in economy and finance, and some are risk management professionals.

      Contact Information
      Room 11007, 335 Guoding Road, Shanghai, PRC. 200433

      Phone: +86 21- 5552 - 0032

      Fax : +86 21- 5566 - 6019

      Mobile : +86 151 - 2102 - 2227

      Email : service@51frm.com 51frm@163.com

      MSN: www51frm@hotmail.com www51frm@msn.com

      Bionic TurtleBionic Turtle LLC.

      World’s Best Risk Education. Period.

      Bionic Turtle offers video tutorials, actionable learning spreadsheets, and forum support as well as study notes and quality practice questions to supplement your learning. Our training videos and webinars are downloadable and also available in I-pod version so that you can study wherever you go. Also, our video tutorials are released throughout the year giving you time to pace yourself instead of cramming in the final weeks.

      The Bionic Turtle program is the most effective, affordable preparation aid for the Financial Risk Manager (FRM®) exam. Hundreds have used this program to pass the toughest financial exam on the planet. Our materials are constantly updated to stay current with the dynamic nature of the risk curriculum. We always use quality questions that will cause you to think about the material, rather than the same simple study guide questions.

      Our instructor, David Harper, CFA, FRM, CIPM, has deep experience in all risk disciplines and is a pioneer in online instruction. He has personally built all of the learning spreadsheets and created numerous webinars for his instructional materials.

      Here’s what a few of our customers are saying:

      “…I would like to thank you for the effort you put in preparing your videos, ipod casts, spreadsheets etc. I really appreciate your effort in making things simple for us….”

      “I passed the FRM! Thanks so much for you help with preparation. You’re the best! I will surely recommend your excellent services to others.”

      For more information on this exciting, in-depth program, please go to http://www.bionicturtle.com.

      And please visit our forum at http://www.bioncturtle.com/forum, the world’s most influential FRM forum.

      Contact Information
      David Harper - david@bionicturtle.com



      CfBS Center for Business Studies – Zurich/SwitzerlandOverview

      CfBS specialises in preparation courses for international exams such as FRM®, CFA®, CAIA, and CMA.

      2009 FRM® Course Program
      The comprehensive course program in Zurich features

      A Pre-FRM Finance course from 25 May to 8 July 2009 (32 lessons)
      A weekday evening class for the FRM Exam Full from 10 August to 31 October 2009 (116 lessons)
      A weekday evening class for the FRM Exam Level I from 10 August to 17 October 2009 (60 lessons)
      A five-day intensive review class for the FRM Exam Full from 23 to 28 October 2009 (40 lessons)
      This range of course options allows FRM candidates to choose the alternative that best suits their work and study schedules. The courses are structured according the 2009 FRM outline (AIM Statements of GARP) and give an excellent framework to prepare for the exam.


      Dr. Enzo Mondello, CFA, FRM, CAIA, Managing Director, CfBS Center for Business Studies
      Dr. Dean Jovic, Executive Director, UBS AG
      Dr. Hubert Niggli, CFA, FRM, Head of Finance Department, SUVA
      Dr. Giovanni Gentile, CFA, FRM, Chief Regulatory Officer, Swiss Re
      Dr. Gerold Studer, MBA, Executive Director, UBS AG

      Course Fee
      The course fee for the weekday evening class FRM Exam Full amounts to CHF 4,950, for the weekday evening class FRM Exam Level I to CHF 2,950.-, for the five-day intensive review course FRM Exam Full to CHF 2,500.-, and for the Pre-FRM finance course to CHF 1,450.-.

      For more details please visit www.cf-studies.ch.

      Contact Information
      For more information and to register, please visit: www.cf-studies.ch

      Financial Risk Fitness GmbHFinancial Risk Fitness GmbH

      Financial Risk Fitness GmbH [ further to be referred as “frf“] is a Munich, Germany based Company providing
      dedicated training services to industry professionals interested in enhancing their financial risk management skills.

      For further information on the Company and the pallet of seminars offered, please access the Firmґs web site:

      frf organize and provide preparatory courses for financial professionals seeking to take the GARP (“Global
      Association of Risk Professionals“) FRM® (“Financial Risk Manager” Certificate) Examinations.

      The preparatory courses are offered in Munich and Vienna and target financial professionals seeking to take the
      FRM® Examinations who work and/ or reside in Southern Germany , Austria and/or Central Europe.

      The seminars contain intense preparatory courses covering all necessary materials and concentrate on problem
      solving and case studies. The Preparatory Work entails two series of bi-weekly seminars (covering the Level I,
      respectively Level II Exam series, aligned with the new GARP sponsored program). The bi-weekly seminars will
      be followed by a “power weekend” (one in each location) of mock-up examinations, prior to the November GARP
      FRM® official exam.

      The preparatory seminars are moderated by Andre Horovitz, PE, FRM® president of frf. A full coverage of his
      credentials and relevant experience is also available on the firmґs home page.

      Contact Information
      Contact: office@financial-risk-fitness.com or horovitz@financial-risk-fitness.com

      Goethe Business School - Frankfurt am MainGoethe Business School - Frankfurt am Main

      Financial Risk Management Program
      5 – 10 October 2009

      The Financial Risk Management Program (FRM) at the Goethe Business School is an intensive course with renowned lecturers in both theory and practice. This represents a unique opportunity to acquire state-of-the-art knowledge from leading experts in the field with a perfect preparation for GARP™ FRM® Exam, which is recognized as the world’s most prestigious certification program measuring financial risk managers’ capabilities.

      What is special about the Financial Risk Management Program?

      Every single year participants of our Financial Risk Management Program increase the success rate of passing the FRM® Exam over the global rate. Reasons for this clear outperformance are the course’s excellent structure, revised and updated yearly to fit the participants’ needs, with six days intensive training and focused exam preparation, and experienced faculty lecturing, discussion and case-studies based on the Applying Instructional Material (AIMs) of GARP™.


      • Quantitative Analysis and Fixed-Income Mathematics Prof. Dr. Roland Fuess
      European Business School

      • Market Risk Measurement and Management Prof. Dr. Lutz Johanning
      WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management

      • Capital Markets Prof. Dr. Mark Wahrenburg
      Goethe University Frankfur

      • Risk Management in Investment Management Dr. Lars Jaeger
      Partners Group

      • Operational Risk Measurement and Management Dr. Thomas Kaiser

      • Credit Risk Measurement and Management Dr. Thomas Ridder
      DZ Bank

      Program Detail:

      The FRM program will be held in the House of Finance, the new premises of Goethe University Frankfurt, which provides fantastic facilities for executive education with first-class lecture rooms and a stimulating atmosphere.

      Language: English

      Tuition: Early registration: 2.900,00 Euro (until 31 July 2009)

      Late registration: 3.200,00 Euro

      Contact Information
      More information and registration on line: www.gbs.uni-frankfurt.de/FRM

      If you have any questions, please contact FRM@gbs.uni-frankfurt.de

      Phone: +49 (0)69 798 33501 Fax: +49 (0)69 798 33530


      Contact Information

      HKU SpaceHKU SPACE

      HKU SPACE is committed to providing high quality continuing education programmes and lifelong learning opportunities to the community in Hong Kong.

      Executive Certificate in Financial Risk Management

      Programme Objective

      The programme shall provide participants with a good understanding of financial risk management techniques and the body of knowledge necessary for undertaking independent financial risk management analysis.

      Programme Structure

      There are 5 modules in the programme and these modules comprise a total of 60 teaching hours

      Module Title
      Lecture Hours

      Module 1
      Quantitative Analysis

      Module 2
      Market Risk Measurement and Management

      Module 3
      Credit Risk Measurement and Management

      Module 4
      Operational, Integrated Risk & Legal, Accounting & Ethics

      Module 5
      Risk Management in Investment Management


      Course Fee

      The course fee is HK $9,880 (including the Schweser Study Materials) for the whole programme. There are 2 intakes a year in June and August respectively.

      Assessment & Award

      Assessment for the whole programme will be done by a 3-hour mock examination comprising multiple-choice questions. The executive Certificate in Financial Risk Management award will be granted to candidates who have achieved at least 70% attendance in the programme as will as attained a pass grade in the mock examination. A statement of Attendance will be granted for candidates who satisfied the first criteria only.

      Continuing Education Fund (CEF)

      The captioned course has been included in the list of reimbursable course for Continuing Education Fund (CEF) purposes.

      Contact Information
      College of Business and Finance

      Hotline for Enquiry: (852) 2520-4609 Email: frm@hkuspace.hku.hk

      Website: http://www.hku.hk/space/

      IFBL (Institut de Formation Bancaire, Luxembourg)IFBL (Institute de Formation Bancaire, Luxembourg)

      Mastering advanced techniques and complex issues in financial risk management

      Session 2009 – Luxembourg

      The Luxembourg Institute for Training in Banking (IFBL) and the Association of Risk Management in Luxembourg (PRiM) offer a high-level international training programme in Financial Risk Management. The purpose of this five-day seminar is to provide an overview of advanced techniques in Financial Risk Management, which covers market, credit, operational risk, and integrated risk management, as well as complex issues facing risk managers in financial institutions. The format will involve a mix of presentations, spreadsheet examples and FRM exam questions. At the same time, the seminar will provide a preparation to the FRM examination.

      Speaker and materials

      Philippe Jorion is Chancellor’s Professor of Finance at the School of Business at the University of California at Irvine. The seminar will follow the structure of one of his major publications: Financial Risk Manager Handbook, Wiley, 2009 (fifth edition).

      Course Provider

      The IFBL, training institute of the Luxembourg Bankers’ Association, provides participants the means to achieve sound and rapid career progression anchored in the realities of the banking and financial market requirements. Its wide-ranging programmes are constantly evolving and range from industry basics to state-of-the art highly specialised courses, training sessions, seminars, conferences and workshops. To ensure that the offered training programmes match the real needs of the financial centre, the IFBL has built up partnerships with all the major professional organizations.


      12-16 October 2009

      Centre de Formation IFBL /Chambre de Commerce
      7, rue Alcide de Gasperi
      L-1615 Luxembourg


      IFBL/PRiM members: EUR 2,750 (+ 3% V AT); non members: EUR 3,425 (+ 3% VAT)

      Contact Information
      Contact and registration
      7, rue Alcide de Gasperi
      L-1615 Luxembourg

      Tel. +352/46.50.16 -1 - Fax +352/46.50.19
      e-mail: customer@ifbl.lu

      Kaplan Financial (Hong Kong)Kaplan Financial (Hong Kong) Ltd.

      Kaplan Financial (Hong Kong) Ltd. Kaplan Schweser - An Unbeatable Unique Alliance

      Kaplan Financial and Kaplan Schweser are both part of the Kaplan Professional Group. Our unique alliance with Schweser allows us to offer quality study solutions long proven effective.

      You get the most out of

      Kaplan Financial + Kaplan Schweser 2009 FRM Program
      Variety of choices to suit your study needs
      Course types (Education, Revision & Mock Exam)
      Learning modes (face-to-face, eLearning, blended learning) &
      Exam-focused, structured to get you passed the 2009 exam
      Purchase Schweser Study Solutions at special discount
      Learn from experienced market practitioners in financial risk management
      Convenience of a centrally located training centre right within the financial hub
      Email reminders on schedules and examination strategies



      Bound copy of course slides that with effective use of worked examples, tables and diagrams



      High quality video with scene-based navigation


      Jun – Sep



      Visual summaries of key concepts and their relationships



      Sep – Oct

      Mock Exam & Review
      8 & 12 Nov

      2009 FRM Information Session

      Apr 3, May 26, Jun 10, Jul 03
      7:00 -8:30 pm
      Hong Kong

      Past years’ Kaplan candidate testimonials:

      “The teaching materials are excellent since it is well organized and easy to understand” – Patrick Ng, FRM candidate
      “The trainer could explain the questions in a few words and caution against common exam mistakes” – K.F. Yeung, FRM, CAIA and CFA student

      “I gain more than I expected from attending classes. It was a great learning experience and I passed the exam in one go.” – K. C. Li, FRM and CFA student

      Contact Information
      Website : http://www.kaplanfinancial.com.hk

      For Brochure & Seminar information

      Enquiry Hotline: +852 2526 3686

      E-mail: frm@kaplan.com.hk

      KESDEE Inc.KESDEE Inc.

      About KESDEE Inc.

      KESDEE is the world’s largest financial e-Learning company. KESDEE’s off-the-shelf catalog consists of 700 accredited e-Learning courses on various topics in Banking, Finance, Accounting, Insurance and Risk Management. For details, visit: www.kesdee.com

      KESDEE’s comprehensive web-based tutorial for 2009 FRM® Exam:

      Drawing on the wealth of our risk management resources, KESDEE has designed e-FRM Coach to be a comprehensive online tutorial for the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) 2009 Exam.

      For demo, visit: http://www.kesdee.com/demo/frm/index.html

      Click here to download a brochure.


      KESDEE’s eFRM Coach is available in modular structure and is organized into two levels – FRM Exam Level I and FRM Exam Level II. A delegate can take the entire eFRM Coach for US $ 300 or take FRM Exam Level I and/or FRM Exam Level II or can take it in parts by topic.

      Exam Level
      Topic Name
      No. of Courses
      Price per license (in US $)
      Price per license for the entire level (in US $)

      eFRM Coach for FRM Exam Level I
      Foundations of Risk Management

      Quantitative Analysis

      Financial Markets and Products

      Valuation and Risk Models

      eFRM Coach for FRM Exam Level II
      Market Risk Management and Measurement

      Credit Risk Measurement and Management

      Operational and Integrated Risk Measurement and Management

      Risk Management and Investment Management

      Current Issues in Financial Markets*

      eFRM Coach Complete

      * This topic is under development and will be available soon.

      License period: 1 Year

      Diagnostic Exam:

      KESDEE will also offer diagnostic exams for both FRM Exam Level I and FRM Exam Level II exams. The prices are as follows:

      Diagnostics Exam
      Price per license (in US $)

      FRM Exam Level I

      FRM Exam Level II

      License period for diagnostic exams: 3 months.

      The diagnostic exams are under development and will be made available soon.

      Click here to place an order online.

      Contact Information
      For more information, please email us at information@kesdee.com

      Kornerstone Ltd.Kornerstone Ltd.

      Being the leading training specialist in the Asia Pacific region, KORNERSTONE is committed to nourishing human capital to highly competitive future business leaders.

      Our FRM training program excels by our strong commitment to help participants to pass FRM exam as well as our passion to train up financial risk management expert.

      Our participants shared:

      ‘I have learnt not only exam content, but also learnt from an experienced market practitioner sharing his knowledge from a practical perspective’ Andrew Yiu, Director, Sun Hung Kei Financial

      Training highlights

      50 hours of instructor-led training
      6 hours of mock examination
      Real case studies and experience sharing
      CEF eligible, 80% reimbursement upon completion
      Free re-sitting for those who fail FRM examination
      Trainers’ Profile

      Mr. Fred Au

      Principle Consultant, Risk Partners
      Member of Advisory Broad for GARP (2000-2001)
      The first Regional Director of GARP (Hong Kong Chapter)
      Interim Hong Kong Regional Director for PRMIA in 2002
      Invited by local University as guest speaker for MSc program on topic related to risk management
      Mr. Jack Tsang

      President, AAFM HK Chapter
      Master of Laws in Corporate and Financial Law
      Master of Science in Finance
      Financial Risk Manager (FRM)
      Chartered Wealth Manager™ (CWM™)
      Chartered Financial Analyst®(CFA®)
      Certified Financial Plannercm (CFPcm)
      Certified Public Accountants (CPA)
      Registered Corporate Coach (RCC) and NLP Master Practitioner

      Contact Information
      Tel: 852-2116 3328
      Fax: 852- 2116 3571
      Email: enquiry@kornerstone.com.hk
      Website: http://www.kornerstone.com.hk
      Address: 15/F, Hip Shing Hong, 55 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong


      NIBE-SVV is the knowledge institute and publisher for the Dutch banking, insurance and investment industry. As the leading market player we yearly provide some 50,000 financial professionals with:

      • 200 high quality education programmes
      • 45 different exams
      • 60 publications

      NIBE-SVV was established in 1999 with the main shareholders being the Netherlands Bankers’ Association and the Dutch Association of Insurers. All our knowledge products, including our seminars and conferences, are developed by and in cooperation with seasoned professionals with broad experience in the industry.

      NIBE-SVV has extensive experience in testing and certification of banking staff. Since 2003 we have used internet-based digital exams and test centres. Students can sit their examination five days a week and since 2006 these exams are available through our independent Exam Institute: NIBE-SVV Examens.

      NIBE-SVV has gained wide international experience in projects in Eastern Europe and Vietnam. Our responsibilities in these projects consisted of project management, content and exam development and accreditations in close relation with our counterparts.

      NIBE-SVV is also a member of the European Banking and Financial Training Association (EBTN). We regard international qualifications and international recognition of our courses and diplomas as of major importance. We are very pleased that we are now working together with GARP to advance the risk profession internationally.

      Starting in June 2009, we will provide an education as a general preparation for the FRM® Exam in November 2009. Next to our FRM offer, we also provide courses and organise exams for the International Certificate in Banking Risk and Regulation, starting in June 2009.

      For detailed course information go to www.nibesvv.nl

      Contact Information

      Postbus 2285
      1000 CG Amsterdam

      Gerard Agterberg
      T: +31 20 520 85 80
      F: + 31 20 622 94 46
      E: g.agterberg@nibesvv.nl

      Anja Rosner
      T: +31 20 520 86 02
      F: +31 20 622 94 46
      E: a.rosner@nibesvv.nl

      OptiRisk SystemsOptiRisk Systems


      OptiRisk Systems is one of the very few UK training providers offering weekend and evening FRM exam preparation and tutorial sessions in London.

      The course offered comprises the FRM Primer, which is a series of lectures and discussion sessions, and the FRM Clinic, a full-day revision in preparation for the FRM examination.

      The FRM Primer is split into 6 full-day tutorial modules, each covering a different topic of the exam. These tutorials follow a flexible – but well defined – syllabus covering most of the FRM curriculum. The modules take place on Saturdays 09.30 – 17.00 in Uxbridge, West London, near Brunel University. In addition, Tuesday evenings from 18.00 – 21.00 may be used for practicing examination questions and, if necessary, further discussion of the topics covered in the Six Saturday sessions.

      The FRM full-day Clinic is held one week before the FRM examination. This allows delegates to undertake a relatively realistic ‘mock’ FRM examination some time before the real one and thus avoid pre-exam stress.

      Delegates receive an extensive reading list and pre-course materials. They also complete a pre-course ‘diagnostic’ to ensure they get the most out of the course.

      Contact Information
      Please contact
      Michael/Dhira at michael@optirisk-systems.com / dhira@optirisk-systems.com
      Web link: www.optirisk-systems.com/frm

      Pacific Human Resource DevelopmentPacific Human Resource Development

      About PHRD

      Established in 1993, Shanghai Human Resource Development Center (PHRD) is the first professional organization in China that deals with human resource research, consultation and education. It has many qualifications in domestic and international training and exams. As the only FRM exam organizer in East China permited by GARP, PHRD has successfully held 3 FRM exams since 2006.

      FRM program

      According to the newest examination guide, PHRD has designed its effective and efficient training program. Our lecturers have both professional academic background and many years practical experience in risk management.

      Course plan

      Course Allocation
      Teaching hours

      - Quantitative Analysis

      - Market Risk Measurement & Management

      - Credit Risk Measurement & Management

      - Operational & Integrated Risk Management

      - Risk Management and Investment

      - Revision and Exam


      Total Teaching Hours


      Contact Information
      Contact information

      Telephone: 0086-21-68869059 ext 116, or 0086-21-63175758

      Fax: 0086-21-58871016

      Email: siif_edu@yahoo.com.cn

      Website: www.siif-edu.com

      Address: 26/N, 379 South Pudong Rd, Jinsui building, Shanghai

      Pristine CareersPristine Careers
      Pristine Careers

      India | Online | Singapore

      Mumbai| Delhi| Bangalore| Chennai| Hyderabad| Kolkata| Pune

      “I consider myself lucky to have found PristineCareers training. The course is a must if you want your laborious preparations to bear fruit” Mr. Tapas, AGM Treasury (Testimonials)

      Pristine has trained 500+ people for FRM in 2008 & has conducted corporate trainings in Risk Management. Pristine Careers can help reduce your exam preparation time from 300 hrs to 150 hrs.


      100 hrs Comprehensive FRM Training

      60 hours (12 days/6 Weekends) of extensive classroom training covering all learning objectives (Details)

      40 hrs of Online Tests (Demo)

      FRM Summary handbook & Material/ Presentations for all topics (Sample)

      World Class faculty (Profiles)

      Extended Online doubt clearing by faculty (Demo)

      Two Mock Tests with detailed analysis

      Fees: USD 295.00 or INR 12,950;

      20% Discount for Students Joining in batches of 5+
      Student Discounts (Apply)

      Tentative Schedule

      Starting: Early April

      Kinsway Camp(North Delhi)
      Mid May

      Early June

      Brigade Road
      May Mid

      Brabourne Road
      Mid May

      Nagarjuna Hills
      Early June

      Near Pune University
      Early June

      Online & Singapore

      Mid May

      100 hrs Online Course (Recording)
      Flexibility of time and comfort of attending from home

      VisualizeFRM® (Sample)
      Unique Visual representation of all concepts, formulas and application

      Online Course Material & Tests (Demo)
      World class reading material & tests for those who want self study
      Website: www.pristinecareers.com | www.eneev.com

      Contact Information

      Name Email Phone
      Pawan Prabhat
      (IIT Bombay, IIM Indore)
      +91 9867625422

      Atul Kumar
      (IIT Kgp, IIM Indore)
      +91 9322194932

      Paramdeep Singh
      (IIT Delhi, IIM Indore)
      +91 9311845000

      Sarita Chand
      (MBA SIBM, FRM)
      +91 9342734627


      • Mumbai: 925, Corporate Avenue, Sonawala Road, Goregaon (East), Mumbai-63
      • Delhi: D-10/15, Sector-8, Rohini, Delhi-85

      Saraf Educom Pvt. Ltd.SARAF EDUCOM PVT. LTD.

      The FRM exams are one of the toughest exams in Finance and are almost parallel to Financial Engineering. Success in these exams requires an in-depth understanding of all the topics – there are no shortcuts. We cover all topics in-depth without any exception in a lively and interactive environment. Our training classes run on weekends – Saturdays and Sundays, 3 hours each for five months. Apart from that there are extra classes on weekdays for those who have doubts in any topic. Our speciality lies in the customised treatment that we offer. We do not offer superficial promises but offer a sincere and dedicated attempt to enable an FRM aspirant to not only clear the FRM exam in the first attempt but to develop a mastery over the entire range of topics covered in the curriculum. We guarantee success. All the classes are conducted by – Mr. Sanjay Saraf whose profile is stated herein-


      MS FINANCE from ICFAI , Hyderabad

      Providing Training classes for FRM(US), CFA(US), MS FINANCE, CIIA,CPM,CTM and on ARBITRAGE involving Option Greeks and Volatility trading for the past 10 years.
      Providing consultancy on F&O arbitrage, portfolio management and equity valuation to several reputed firms.



      COURSE FEES: Rs.20000 for integrated FRM. Rs.10000 for Level 1,Rs.12000 for Level 2. This is one time fees and no extra fees are charged even if somebody repeats the classes. So, we guarantee success.





      Alphenso Estate

      1st Floor

      5, Mangoe Lane, Kolkata – 700001

      West Bengal, India

      Contact numbers: 09831092413, 09831498351

      Email at: sanjaysaraf77@gmail.com

      Contact Information

      Sinron Education-Leading FinancialSinron Edcucation Financial

      Sinron Education-Leading financial courses provider in China

      Headquartered in Beijing,China. Sinron Education is a leading Chinese certificate training Provider focusing on preparatory courses for financial certificates such as the FRM, CFA and SII etc. Having a seasoned and highly dedicated team of lecturers, Sinron Education bears very strong capability in delivering quality classroom-based courses and online courses.

      Sinron Education 2009 FRM® classroom based Courses and online Courses.

      Sinron Education courses have been designed as an effective preparation for the GARP FRM exam and strictly follow the FRM curriculum, covering all Learning Objectives (LO) in 2009.

      The comprehensive FRM® course program in China as follows:

      1. A 18-week Course from June 13, 2009 (20 days,160 hours)
      (1)Foundation Course from 5 June,2009 (12 days)
      (2)Intensive Review course from 3 October, 2009 (5 days)
      (3)Mock Exam Review course from 11 November, 2009 (3 days)
      2. Online FRM courses from June 12,2009(20 days,160 hours)
      (1)Foundation Course from 5 June, 2009 (12 days)
      (2)Intensive Review course from 3 October, 2009 (5 days)
      (3)Mock Exam Review course from 11 November, 2009 (3 days)
      3. online FRM study surport Forum
      4. Leading financial courses provider based in Beijing,China
      5. Surport by School of Finance Renmin University of China,capable of providing high quality finantial training program.

      Lecturers' Advantage

      Our lecturer team is consisted of financial practitioners with thorough understanding of both FRM exam and real world financial operations. Our faculty has extensive teaching experience in lecturing CFA and FRM preparatory courses.

      Contact Information
      Email&MSN: frm@sinronedu.com
      TEL: +8610-62551268 62551278
      Fax: +8610-62551278

      Corporate Address:
      Room 12B07,Mingshang Mansion,No.55 Suzhou street,Haidian District,Beijing(100080)

      Corporate Website:

      Taiwan Financial Research Assocation

      svargi se s tjah- vse njakoi ste ti predlogi neshto


      • Първоначално изпратено от Devour
        ОК, хубаво, че знаеш, но закво се заяждаш не разбрах.

        Сигурно са те скъсали миналата година - я си признай
        ne sa skasali- priznvam si


        • ОК, хубаво, че знаеш, но закво се заяждаш не разбрах.

          Сигурно са те скъсали миналата година - я си признай


          • Стига си срал в темата бе! Вол.

            Иначе има още 10 дена до ранното записване за изпита.


            Успех на всички, които ще се явят тази година!


            • Първоначално изпратено от Anton Chigurh
              Първоначално изпратено от Vola
              Първоначално изпратено от hah
              За да порастне работата на участващите. К'ъф е тоя сертификат без курс? Може и аз да се запиша, ти нали ще лектурираш?
              Първоначално изпратено от Vola
              i pak da pitam za kav hui ti e toja kurs i za kav HUI investora ma trii
              kade ste lekturiram ? - ne sa ma pokanili
              Ей селянин прост. Тебе могат да те поканят само да лектутираш как се мият кенефи. Ако няма какво да помогнеш в темата просто не пиши глупости!

              seljanin na seljanina vika li be. ina4e sam si prost, ama i tva e izkustvo


              • Първоначално изпратено от Vola
                Първоначално изпратено от hah
                За да порастне работата на участващите. К'ъф е тоя сертификат без курс? Може и аз да се запиша, ти нали ще лектурираш?
                Първоначално изпратено от Vola
                i pak da pitam za kav hui ti e toja kurs i za kav HUI investora ma trii
                kade ste lekturiram ? - ne sa ma pokanili
                Ей селянин прост. Тебе могат да те поканят само да лектутираш как се мият кенефи. Ако няма какво да помогнеш в темата просто не пиши глупости!


                • Първоначално изпратено от hah
                  За да порастне работата на участващите. К'ъф е тоя сертификат без курс? Може и аз да се запиша, ти нали ще лектурираш?
                  Първоначално изпратено от Vola
                  i pak da pitam za kav hui ti e toja kurs i za kav HUI investora ma trii
                  kade ste lekturiram ? - ne sa ma pokanili


                  • За да порастне работата на участващите. К'ъф е тоя сертификат без курс? Може и аз да се запиша, ти нали ще лектурираш?
                    Първоначално изпратено от Vola
                    i pak da pitam za kav hui ti e toja kurs i za kav HUI investora ma trii
                    Коментарът е с аналитичен характер и не представлява препоръка по смисъла на ЗПЗФИ.


                    • i pak da pitam za kav hui ti e toja kurs i za kav HUI investora ma trii


                      • Re: Курс за Financial Risk Manager (FRM) в България ?

                        Първоначално изпратено от Maq7
                        Случайно някой да знае дали се провежда такъв курс някъде в София ?

                        Благодаря ви предварително
                        И аз ще се явявам тази година.

                        Не знам за курсове, но за учебници и съвети ще има някакви срещи.


                        • Re: Курс за Financial Risk Manager (FRM) в България ?

                          Първоначално изпратено от Maq7
                          Случайно някой да знае дали се провежда такъв курс някъде в София ?

                          Благодаря ви предварително
                          Ми май няма ...,
                          ама ако искаш може да организираш, а ние с b.stefanov и niki5 може да се включим като лектори :-)


                          • Курс за Financial Risk Manager (FRM) в България ?

                            Случайно някой да знае дали се провежда такъв курс някъде в София ?

                            Благодаря ви предварително
                            Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around